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"Calatrava" Bridge Spur 366 (Woodall Rodgers) Extension



This $45 million project was an extension of Woodall Rodgers (The Calatrava Bridge) to the west side of the Trinity River . IBARRA’s work consisted of designing the storm drainage system, signing & striping, and roadway plan/profile production for the Spur 366 project from Beckley Avenue to Industrial Blvd. and Beckley Avenue ramp/roadway intersection improvements.

IBARRA created construction documents that included the storm drainage design for the extension. The design included the development of a drainage area map, determination of drainage volumes, inlet and storm drain calculations, and resolved deck drainage. IBARRA provided a summary of calculations on quantity take off items and designed the pavement markings and signage using TxDOT standards. Part of IBARRA's responsibilities included Quality Control review of the project drawings in accordance with TxDOT CADD and design standards. Additional responsibilities included coordination and maintenance of project drawings and electronic files. Construction Documents were developed in Microstation V8, and Geopak 2004. GuideSign 4.0 was utilized for the project signage drawings adhering to TMUTCD design standards.

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